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August 21, 2018

Vienna’s Venerable Coffeehouse Tradition

Vienna’s Venerable Coffeehouse Tradition Discover the elegant world of the Viennese Coffeehouse, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage that is synonymous with the history of the Austrian empire and its dynamic…
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HistoryThe Romanov Dynasty
September 29, 2014

Empress Marie Fyodorovna: The Romanov Cinderella

The life of Dowager Empress Marie Fyodorovna (1847-1928) is the story of a real-life Cinderella, who ended her days in exile: as the last remaining symbol of the Russian monarchy,…
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Russian Guards' Regiments
HistoryRussiaThe Stunt
September 2, 2010

Day of Russian Guards Regiments/День российской гвардии: Boyhood Games to Military Might

In the Putin era, the Guards are brought out of retirement, dusted off, and put to work again for the greater glory of Russia’s new empire: along with double-headed eagles,…
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Battle of Hanko, Russian Navy
HistoryRussiaThe Stunt
August 9, 2010

Day of Russia’s First Naval Victory at Hanko Peninsula (1714)/День первой в российской истории морской победы русского флота у мыса Гангут (1714): Russia’s Spanish Armada

You have to hand it to the Russians, sometimes. Full marks for not giving up, where others might. In attempting to break through the Swedish lines, the Russians decided to…
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Russian railways, history of Russian rail
HistoryRussiaThe Stunt
August 1, 2010

Day of the Railway Workers/День железнодорожника: Rise Up So Early In The Morn

Twice, I traveled to Siberia to ride on portions of the famous Trans-Siberian railway: I’m still getting over having to explain to a woman from New York that the train…
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Russian history, Russia's baptism to Christianity
HistoryRussiaThe Stunt
July 28, 2010

Day of Holy Baptism by the Apostolic Great Prince Vladimir as Basil /День равноапостольного великого князя Владимира, во святом крещении Василия (1015): Russia Goes Christian

Anecdotal Russian history says Vladimir was leaning towards Islam, but when the Ambassadors revealed the teetotaler clause in the fine print of the Koran, Vladimir gravely shook his head, proclaiming,…
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