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About Jennifer

Jennifer Eremeeva is a Writer, Historian, and Cruise Ship Enrichment Lecturer

Hello! I’m Jennifer Eremeeva, an American expatriate writer, historian, and cruise ship enrichment lecturer nominally based in Riga, Latvia, but probably somewhere on the high seas right now.

In my writing and enrichment talks, I explore the intersections of travel, history, culture, and cuisine and culinary history. I served as the weekly food columnist for The Moscow Times, still Russia’s largest and leading English-language newspaper. In these columns, I traced the clash of tradition and innovation in Russian cuisine. I’m a regular podcast host for The New Books Network, where I interview talented authors about their books.

I’m also the award-winning author of two books, “Lenin Lives Next Door: Marriage, Martinis, and Mayhem in Moscow,” and “Have Personality Disorder, Will Rule Russia: A Pocket Guide to Russian History.” My work has been featured on NPR, Reuters, AAA Magazine, Bucket List Travels, Fodor’s Travel, Russian Life, Trip Savvy, Elysian Magazine, and other publications.

In my work as a freelance cruise ship enrichment lecturer, I explore a wide range of topics including culinary history, royal and social history, creativity and creative writing, and the history, culture, cuisine, art, and literature of the Baltic, Black, Adriatic, and Mediterranean Seas and the Middle East.

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Here are a some important links, including a free cookbook with my favorite Russian recipes, travel and cruise tips, access to the reading lists that accompany my lectures, and my comprehensive writing and creativity toolbox.

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