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Writing takes talent; of course, it does.  But it also is very much a discipline that can be learned and honed.  Writing has rules, and it is essential to learn them so well that you can then forget them; like how to ride a bike or drive a car.  Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes about 10,000 hours to become expert in everything from ice hockey to molecular chemistry.  Writing is no exception.  It takes both time and daily practice to become a confident writer, as it does to pursue any creative endeavor beyond the beginner level.

In my ongoing pursuit to master the craft of writing, I know that the most important thing I can do is write a ton.  Then rewrite.  And rewrite some more. Then back to the blank page.  Writers write.  But writers should also read and read voraciously too.  As I’ve explored genres as different as food and travel writing, academic, and fiction, I’ve turned to the generous canon of literature on writing.  There is no way to list every book, podcast, and tool I’ve devoured along the way, and nor would you want me to. The recommendations listed below are those to which I turn again and again for insight and inspiration.

Tools, Software, and Apps

Scrivener is the indispensable writing software designed by writers, for writers.

Brainstorm and organize creative ideas with this intuitive mind-mapping software.

Let ConvertKit take you for beginner to expert newsletter maven!  Excellent support and tuition always available from the great CK team!

The Freedom app allows you to block distractions from social media to time-sucking websites.  Banish procrastination and get writing!

The Voice Recording app allows you to capture ideas, fleeting thoughts, and inspiration right as they occur in the moment.

The Focus Keeper app is a great way to employ the Pomodoro method: structured blocks to help you settle in to a writing session and keeping track of time logged.

ProWritingAid is hands-down the best online editor for grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and even style.  It integrates with most writing software as well as Word.  This is my go-to tool for polishing, editing, and making my writing perfect.

Notion is the most nimble way to collect, curate, and store ideas and infomation.

Books about Writing & Creativity

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