Have Personality Disorder, Will Rule Russia: An Iconoclastic History by a Recovering Russophile

Jennifer Eremeeva's Pocket History of Russia

“I always imagine Russian history,” suggests American writer and veteran expatriate, Jennifer Eremeeva, “on a huge, 3D IMAX screen, surround sound booming with a jumbo bucket of popcorn in your lap and huge blue drink at your side.”

Eremeeva should know: as a former tour guide and Ivy League-educated historian, Eremeeva is adept at making Russia’s complex history both entertaining and digestible for non-academics.  She strolls expertly but lightly through her material, tracing the winning formula for Russia’s effective rulers back to the Tatar-Mongols: revealing why Ivan may not have been so Terrible; explaining why Catherine so totally awesome, and asserting that neither Peter the Great nor Stalin would ever tweet anything.

Eremeeva encourages us to peek inside Empress Elizabeth’s baroque boudoir; she deconstructs Gorbachev’s curiously-split personality and shows us exactly where the bodies are buried. Eremeeva’s unique fusion of humor and history and inimitable writing style brings the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that is Russia into hilarious focus in this compact and highly readable guide to thirteen centuries of her history.

For readers embarking on a visit to Russia or an exploration of the country’s rich literature and culture, this engaging primer offers a succinct, informative, and highly entertaining introduction to the country’s complex and expansive history.

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This is a great brief history of Russia! I was able to understand all of it and it was fascinating, not a dry history book at all. Makes me want to delve more into Russian history.

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I was getting ready for a trip to Russia and wanted to learn about Russian history...After reading the book, I had a greater understanding and appreciation for the places and sights I saw and learned about on my trip.

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I can't stop laughing! This is the history of Russia in short, but in such funny way, with references to the current situation. I'm so motivated to read all the books the author recommends now.

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This is an excellent book,with a great dose of history and a good one of humor. The perfect read before a trip to Russia (as was my case).

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