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Shopping Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

By December 1, 2011September 19th, 2019Cuisine

One day I was trawling the chilly meat section of Metro Cash & Carry.  As I picked over the boneless, skinless chicken breasts, I heard a hilarious exchange between a well-dressed woman who sounded like she hailed from Australia and her leather dublyenka-clad driver.

Woman: Sergei, this meat…it’s what?

Driver:  Eto  zhe barashka.  (That’s lamb)

Woman:  But what kind of meat is it, it beef or pork or…?

Driver: Nu, eto zhe barashka (Well…it’s lamb.)

Woman:  Sergei, is it…well is it moo moo moo?

Driver:  (with emphasis) Nyet nyet…eto zhe barashka!!

Woman:  Is it pork?  Is it oink oink oink

Driver:  Eto zhe —

The Moscovore:  No no…its baaaaahh baaaahh baaaahh!!!!

No one should have to go through that kind of agony in public, I thought to myself.  This may well have been the moment that The Moscovore was conceived.   So I invented a whole bunch of bi-lingual shopping lists, which are available for download here.


  • ozgur ozer says:

    oh dear and bliss! where were you last year when I first landed in Moscow to spend hours in the supermarket trying to figure out the differences between сливки, сгущёнка and ряженка ! on and on, at every product section 🙂

  • jennifer says:

    I know…I know. Why I didn’t start this six years ago is a source of constant amazement to me. I hope you find everything useful! I’m off with my lists today!

  • Jen Hughes says:

    It was just a year ago that I stood in Auchan trying to pantomime ‘chicken breast’ without drawing too much attention to myself… and I’ve been waiting for a site like yours ever since!

    • jennifer says:

      Dear Jen –
      I am so pleased you’ve found your way to The Moscovore! I’m sure you have Auchan mastered by now! And chicken breast is a tough one to pantomime as well!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • That’s quite surprising. I wonder how would I pantomime the shopkeeper that way when asking what’s that all about.

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