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All Creatures Great and Small Audiobook

All Creatures Great and Small is back! I mentioned to someone this week that this series, now in its second season, is the television equivalent to chicken and orzo soup: sublime comfort watching. 

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Back to Skeldale House

I love everything about it, and I just wish Mrs. Hall would come to my house, tidy things up, tell me everything will be okay, and teach me how to make that amazing pork pie she forced on the men of Skeldale house before the stag night. 

One of Dmitry’s New Year’s Resolutions is to work on his colloquial English, and we agreed that listening to an audiobook would help. I browsed around and was delighted (if not surprised) to see that the clever people at Audible had released new versions of James Herriot’s original novels, on which the series is based, narrated by the delightful Nicholas Ralph, who plays James.  

But Audible has done a good job of editing and Ralph is as charming on my iPhone as he is on my TV. So I’ve added All Creatures Great and Small to my Audible, and I’m enjoying it as background noise to my “hands busy: mind free tasks.”

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