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Keep Exploring!

I hope that you have enjoyed the series of talks I presented on your voyage.  These are topics that I am passionate about and it is such a pleasure to be able to share with you some of the wonderful sources — books, podcasts, films, and websites that informed and inspired me as I prepared them.

You will find the lectures grouped below into thematic or geographical buckets.  Click on the relevant square and you will be taken to a list of lectures and their corresponding reading list.

These lists are not set in stone!  I add to them constantly as I continue my research, so revisit them from time to time.  I hope that these curated lists of books, films, and audio entertainment will augment happy memories of our voyage together.  If you have any questions or comments, please do email me via the link above.  I’d love to hear from you!

Russia & The Romanovs

Over 1000 years of history, art, and intrigue

Scandinavia, The Baltic States, Iceland, Greenland, and the Vikings

From herring to hygge, trade and commerce, art and thought, constant change is the watchword of this region.
The British Isles, Germany, The Low Countries, The North Atlantic, and the Atlantic
Explore the British Isles, Germany, The Low Countries, and The Netherlands
Greece & Turkey
From Classical Antiquity to the glittering Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Israel & The Middle East

The cradle of three great religions and so many mighty civilizations.

Customs, Cuisine, & Culinary History

Fascinating stories of people, places, and plates
The Iberian Peninsula 
The rich history, cuisine, and culture of Spain and Portugal

Royal History

Princes and potentates and their fascinating lives and reigns

Creativity & Writing

Tapping into the creative force and finding inspiration in the world around us.