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Ура! You’ve found your way here, so I very much hope that you have enjoyed Lenin Lives Next Door, and I’m so glad it whet your appetite for more about the history and culture of the world’s largest country.  This short companion piece takes you through the major points of Russian history in a way I hope you will find both entertaining and digestible. We will trace the winning formula for Russia’s effective rulers back to the Tatar Mongols, revealing why Ivan was not so Terrible, Catherine was totally awesome, and why Peter the Great and Stalin would never ever tweet or Instagram anything. Come along and peek inside Empress Elizabeth’s baroque boudoir, deconstruct Gorbachev’s curiously split personality, and find out exactly where the bodies are buried (Peter and Paul Fortress and the Archangel Michael Cathedral, of course.)


I try to update Personality Disorder every so often to reflect what is happening in present-day Russia and well as offering a primer for Russian history.  The last update was September, 2015.

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