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Vikings, Scandinavia, and Iceland

Nordic, Baltic, and Icelandic Cuisines, Customs, and Culture

Exploring cuisines of the North we uncover a story of the triumph of ingenuity over climate.  Although the growing seasons in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and Iceland are short, they are also intense and produce a wide range of produce, herbs, and roots that enhance the rich offerings of meat and fish that have always characterized these northern countries.

Preserving food is a key aspect of this cuisine, be it smoked, pickled, soured, or frozen, but so too is the enjoyment of fresh produce, herbs, berries, and other fruits of the forest when they are in season.  Today, the region is enjoying a lively culinary renaissance as its talented chefs and home cooks expand the list of ingredients and broaden the technology used to prepare and store food.  Below, you will find some of my favorite cookbooks from the region, as well as several books that explore the culture and traditions of these northern countries.


Download my recipe for Icelandic Fish Soup with Dill Oil


Sample Iceland’s delectable flavored salts from Saltwerk, one of the world’s only sustainable salt plants.


Enjoy my podcast interview with Zuza Zak about Amber & Rye

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