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Iberian Cuisine

In this lecture, we traced the origins of the vibrant cuisines of the Iberian peninsula in present-day Spain and Portugal. We looked at the food of Roman Iberia and how it was transformed by the arrival of the Visigoths.  We saw how innovations brought to the peninsula by the Muslims in the eighth century radically changed the way people farmed and sat down at the dining table.  We also saw how the range of foods expanded, and the important contributions to Iberian cuisines made by the Jews.  We then looked at the explosion of new flavors brought from the New World in the sixteenth century.  And then we looked at the uniquely Iberian tradition of tapas and talked about the etiquette of this important culinary ritual.

I hope this lecture whetted your appetite for delicious adventures on shore!  If you would like to learn more about this fascinating history or try some of the iconic Iberian dishes at home, you will find all kinds of wonderful options in the books I list below.  I’ve enjoyed learning and cooking from them and I hope you will too!

Buen apetito!

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