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Greece & Macedonia

Alexander the Great

In this lecture, we explored the astonishing achievements of Alexander III of Macedon, who came to be known as Alexander the Great. In his short life, he managed to conquer most of the world from Greece through Asia Minor and as far as India.

We witnessed Alexander’s father, Philip II of Macedon lay the groundwork for his son’s remarkable achievements through his reorganization of the Macedonian army and the invention of the famous Macedonian phalanx. We saw Alexander’s adroit use of his cavalry become the backbone of his military successes, first over Persia, Egypt, and ultimately India.

We noted how Alexander’s empire held together thanks to a combination of exceptional military genius and his very canny ability to administer the regions he conquered. Finally, we lamented Alexander’s all-too-short life and his early death, which led to the break up of his mighty empire. We concluded by celebrating Alexander’s lasting legacy: the spread of Greek culture and language in what would become the “Hellenistic World.”


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