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Greek Civilization

In this talk, we examined the development of Greece from its earliest recorded history to the rule of Pericles and the dawn of the Classical Age. We explored the emergence of Greek culture, politics, and language in the earliest Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations.  We looked at possible causes of the collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean and how this lead to a period of retraction during the Greek Dark Ages. As the Iron Age dawned, we witnessed development of a written language, which enabled Greek philosophy, literature, and culture, which remain the fulcrum of Western Civilization.  We touched on the complicated and compelling belief system of the Greek pantheon and paid tribute to the immense contribution of Greece’s leading scholars, historians, scientists, and philosophers.  

And in this talk, we acknowledged how much the institutions, scholarship, and aesthetics of the Ancient Greeks are still with us today.


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