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May 21, 2013

Day of the Bureau of Technical Inventory BTI/День инвентаризатора (День работника БТИ): HRH Updates His Dream Home

HRH and Jennifer dust off their Bureau of Technical Inventory documents for an apartment renovation that sounds so much better in French! (more…)
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LifestyleRussiaThe Stunt
September 2, 2012

Day of the Oil, Gas, and Fuel Industry Workers/День работников нефтяной, газовой и топливной промышленности: It Just Keeps On Gushing!

All about Russia's black gold... (more…)
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LifestyleThe Stunt
February 13, 2011

Russian National Carrier Day/День Аэрофлота: Negotiating A Red Handshake

So, you've succumbed to the inevitable temptation of working for a Russian company. Here are some helpful hints on how to recognize when they start to ease you out, using…
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