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Lenin Lives Next Door: Marriage, Martinis, and Mayhem in Moscow
by Jennifer Eremeeva


–American expert and expatriate offers witty, intelligent, and moving inside glimpse into Russian life and culture 

As the world prepares for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, all eyes are on Russia. The largest country on the planet, Russia also remains one of the most mysterious and, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood.

In Jennifer Eremeeva’s fun and fascinating new book, Lenin Lives Next Door: Marriage, Martinis, and Mayhem in Moscow, she reveals a little-known Russia from the eyes of a well-informed outsider. Eremeeva, an American historian and award-winning writer living in Moscow, expertly knits together vignettes of cross-cultural and expatriate life with sharp observation, colorful historical background, and engaging humor. Each thematic chapter is an anecdotal exploration of an aspect of life in today’s Russia, told with the help of a recurring cast of delightful Russian and expatriate characters. From the culture to the cuisine and the history to the habits and customs of the Russian people, Lenin Lives Next Door incorporates many of Eremeeva’s own experiences into a genuinely entertaining and unique source on all things Russia.

Having grown tired of the same old depictions of the country she now calls “home,” Eremeeva hoped to show the lighter side of Russia, and succeeds beautifully in doing so with her signature intelligent humor.

“When I set out to write the book, I was very conscious that most of the books about Russia were rather grim and negative political and historical tomes. They all had covers that were the color of dirty snow or congealed blood. I wanted to write a book that showed the funny side of Russia and the Russians,” Eremeeva says.

With a light-hearted approach, Lenin Lives Next Door explores:

  • Russian customs and cultures and the fascinating history behind them
  • Funny, surprising, and little-known facts about Russia and her people
  • The momentous changes that have taken place in Russia over the last 20 years and how she has also stayed the same for more than eight centuries
  • What it is like to be a foreigner in Russia

A must-read for anyone in a cross-cultural relationship, anyone bound for the

Olympics, anyone fascinated by another culture, or anyone who is simply curious about the world’s largest country, Lenin Lives Next Door is sure to delight.

Jennifer Eremeeva is an American writer based in Moscow, Russia. Raised and educated in New England and the United Kingdom, Jennifer received a Bachelor of Arts in Russian Area Studies from Columbia University and studied photography at the Moscow Academy of Photography. She has lived in Moscow, Russia for two decades and speaks fluent Russian.

Since 2006, Jennifer has worked full-time as an independent writer and blogger.  She is the creator and author of the award-winning humor blog, Russia Lite:  The Funnier Side of Life in the World’s Largest Country, and the creator and curator of the popular food blog, The Moscovore:  Culinary Adventures in the Russian Capital. Jennifer was the regular humor and cooking columnist for Russia Beyond the Headlines, distributed with The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, and other major European, South American, and Asian broadsheets. Jennifer has been interviewed about life in Russia by NPR, PBS Massachusetts Affiliate, WGBY, and The Voice of Russia. She has also contributed feature articles and photos to The Moscow Times, Russian Life, and BBC’s Russian Service. She is a popular guest blogger for numerous on-line travel and expatriate portals. Lenin Lives Next Door: Marriage, Martinis, and Mayhem in Moscow is her first book, and she is also publishing a companion piece titled Have Personality Disorder, Will Rule Russia: A Concise History of Russia, which will be available as a free download to anyone who purchases Lenin Lives Next Door, or available for $1.99 on Amazon. Jennifer and her family currently divide their time between Moscow, Russia, and the United States.


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